Seven tips to avoid a photoshoot meltdown

jess-13You know I can honestly say that my passion lies with photographing children, you might think that’s crazy but I would take kids all day long over anything else I photograph.
You would think that it takes a lot of patience and maybe it does, but I don’t notice. And I really don’t get frustrated.

Until.. The child in the photo shoot is mine..
Awful, just awful.
How could my son be so bad for pictures. What the?!

So because it went so bad, I decided to come up with a few tips on having a successful photo shoot with your child(ren).. Now these are just tips that I learned from having a cranky boy for our pictures. I can’t guarantee that just because you do these few things you will have a little angel at all times. But it doesn’t hurt to try them..

1. Feed them until their tummies are nice and full. Bathe them early so you’re not scrubbing butts ten minutes before you’re suppose to be leaving.


2. If your appointment is at 7:00PM, tell yourself  (and your husband if he’s coming along) that it is at 6:30. That way if you’re running a few minutes behind, no big deal. The less stress the better.

3. Make sure they have their nap. Naps are so important on picture day. If they are tired, it will all go down hill. Fast.

4. Which brings me to my next tip, don’t schedule the shoot at their nap/bedtime. Grayson has the same bedtime every night, 7:00PM. I decided that we would ignore the bedtime and have our shoot then (perfect lighting this time of year duh) that was my first mistake. (this is me looking at Mandi thinking, why am I here AT his bedtime?!)jess-23

5. Bring snacks. Gold star. Bring snacks in a hideous blue and green plastic container that I do not want photographed. No gold star. Second mistake.. Took that thing away and we had a major meltdown, or we let him hold it and it ruins a precious photo like this one. jess-31

6. Mommy, you need to relax. Baby acts up, mommy gets stressed, baby acts up even more. It’s a vicious cycle ladies. Remember that we’re not trying to teach these babies any life lessons at our session. So let them play, misbehave (a little) and you’ll get them back on track once you’re home sweet home.

7. Lastly, just try and have a good time. You’re creating memories that you will have for the rest of your life, don’t let a little crankiness ruin your day. Worst case scenario, we re-shoot.
Something else to think about, I (as the photographer) see a lot differently than you might. If I had a nickel for every time a mom left the shoot thinking I didn’t get any good ones only to leave our view and choose appointment having a hard time picking a favorite because there are so many great ones… I would be rich.jess-38

Oh and don’t let your kid fall, or else this is the result.. (Obviously this one is inevitable. But I will tell you, our session was pretty much a done deal after the road rash) Ah well, better luck next time!jess-19He sure is a cute kid, crying or not. You’ll be happy to know, we re-shot this session (thank you a million times Mandi!) and following these tips got the exact shot I was looking for! (You’ll see it hopefully soon for the launch of my new site)

Good luck, I hope these help!


One thought on “Seven tips to avoid a photoshoot meltdown

  1. Grayson’s face in that first photo is priceless! Especially when you can see him staring at you while reading about his meltdown. “Who, me?!”

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