Let’s pretend

I am not on a budget,
and I can spend money until my heart’s desire.
I will show you what I would spend it on.

I wish I could wear this outfit,
and look that great in it.2ead0e28c97511de0d47e0cf2643282eAnd this one for the fall697c6d4d4a9b151a107ff20cf10bc178Get some cute shoes56ddd4e757ff6def0d05c97f14ac3ffc

I wish I had a stylist to make my hair look like this..07023cc595be010cb87c4296d85505f4And lastly, get a manicuredd136510432331c6ca9c4fbc5bd74544What would you do?


One thought on “Let’s pretend

  1. How does that first girl look so cute in flats?! I always feel exactly that (flat!) when wearing them but then I hate walking in heels. Girl problems.

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