Andrea Siepker :: Maternity

You will probably remember the amazing beach maternity session
that I posted a couple of week’s back of Andrea.
Well I couldn’t help myself and asked her if we could take more.
Something I don’t do often is photographs in
a clients home, but I would really like to expand in that area.
(Insert beautiful, pregnant, extremely photogenic friend Andrea)
I asked her if she wouldn’t mind letting me take a few more of her.
She kindly obliged.
I really love how these turned out, exactly how I imagined them.
Here are a few that are my favorite.. menifeematernity_1623 menifeematernity_1634 menifeematernity_1664 menifeematernity_1703 menifeematernity_1708 menifeematernity_1714 menifeematernity_1734Oh baby Graham, I cannot wait to meet you!


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