Lyla & Tristin :: Nine months

menifeechildphotography_1102Oh my goodness these twin babies,
they just keep getting cuter and cuter!
They are just two of the sweetest, easiest babies to photograph.
I honestly don’t think I heard more than a peep the entire session,
except for some giggles.
I jumped at the chance to use my yellow backdrop,
I hardly pull it out although after these lovely images
I might just have to!

Looking through these just makes me want to
squeeze both of these littles nice and tight!
menifeechildphotography_1114Tristin LOVES to stick his tongue out right now,
he is just the cutest!
menifeechildphotography_1131Look out GQ, here he comes.
menifeechildphotography_1134 menifeechildphotography_1140 menifeechildphotography_1143Lyla, oh Lyla you are just beautiful..menifeechildphotography_1185 menifeechildphotography_1217 menifeechildphotography_1227Such a sweet girl.menifeechildphotography_1232I can hardly believe that the next time I take their pictures
they will be a YEAR old!
Just crazy.
Why oh why do baby years go by so quickly?


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