Summer bucket list

summerlistOur conversation:
Me: “Can you make me a framed chalkboard?”
Scott reluctantly: “yes”
Me: “Yay!”
He comes in with a 11×14 frame; me: “Not big enough!”
He then starts to rant about how I need to communicate better..
Me: “Can’t you read my mind by now?”

Conversations like this happen often when it comes to asking Scott to create something for me.
I have an idea, briefly describe it to him, and assume he knows exactly what I’m talking about.
Everything I want him to do is online, I don’t know why I don’t just show him a picture.

Needless to say, he went in the garage through the scrap wood and found exactly what he needed.
I wanted to use the frame he was building to make a Summer Bucket List.
Some easily done, others maybe not.
I’d really like to make this a tradition for our family.

1. Get Air Trampoline Park, you pay $12 for adults, $6 for kids 46″ inches and under for an hour. (Which is all the bouncing this girl needs) they even have a kid section. Grayson loved the bounce houses he’s been in so I thought this would be so fun!


2. Roller City 2001, their website is a bit cheesy but roller skating is a little cheesy anyway right? But I think it would be so fun to go and just be a kid again! This would probably be a night out with our friends without the babe.5210_144134637036_4001609_n3. Start Grayson’s first year memory quilt

4. Make some cookies, maybe some pretzel bites, and definitely some oreo cookie balls. Just bake!

Plus a ton of small fun stuff like a dinner picnic, take another river trip and see a drive-in move. We want to visit a different beach; one in OC, LA and San Diego. Go on a double date, have a pool party!

Putting a list in writing makes it even more fun to think about! I know that even the small things we might not actually get to do but I think it puts a little more excitement into the summer.

Do you have a Summer bucket list or have anything we should add? Link to it in the comments if you do!


4 thoughts on “Summer bucket list

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