A peek at our weekend

IMG_6330Every morning I wake up and glance over at our Summer List.
Friday we had quite a few errands to run and decided
we could at least cross off getting some cupcakes from it.
Most of you who know me know I’m kind of weird about sugar,
call me crazy but I don’t think a one year old needs it.
But there are special occasions,
like tackling a summer list, that calls for a cupcake.
He only takes a few bites and then is over it anyway.IMG_6322Don’t mind his third eye, poor guy is allergic to ant bites.
Or his dirty finger nails, he loves to play in the dirt. IMG_6324Saturday night we were invited to an anniversary party,
we love any reason to play dress up.
He’s the cutest little mister I’ve ever seen.IMG_6355Practicing his dance moves.IMG_6365My little love
IMG_6387 IMG_6390Love
IMG_6391 IMG_6400I got so mad at Scott for looking away in this picture,
you would think being married to a photographer he would get it..
That’s okay, it’s still super cute.
IMG_6408I love these boys.
(All of these photos were taken using my iPhone and edited with the Afterlight app)


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