Lake Elsinore maternity :: Trisha is pregnant!

lakeelsinorematernity_1807As I sit here and start to type, I don’t know exactly where to start.
John and Trisha are two very special people,
special to my little family, special to the Lord.
Some of you know John’s story, although most of you don’t.
John was in a skateboarding accident in October of 2007,
not the kind of skateboarding accident you would think of.
The bad kind. The life threatening kind.
The kind that shakes everybody who knows him to our core.
They were engaged to be married and Trisha was just 19 years old,
but she never gave up, she never left his side.
We watched him heal, we watched them grow.
Life as they know it was never the same, and they knew God had a purpose.

Six years later their lives are changing, this time for the better.
I mean like way, 100% better. They are having a baby!
A baby girl! Little Molly Jae Seneff
I am pretty sure she is going to be my favorite little girl ever.
They love our little boy so much, I can’t wait to see their heart explode for Molly.
lakeelsinorematernity_1820 lakeelsinorematernity_1852 lakeelsinorematernity_1885 lakeelsinorematernity_1891 lakeelsinorematernity_1908Trisha has the cutest pregnant belly I’ve ever seen!  Little basketball belly.lakeelsinorematernity_1925 lakeelsinorematernity_1980 My FAVORITElakeelsinorematernity_2024 lakeelsinorematernity_2029 lakeelsinorematernity_2042Love you guys so very much,
thank you for being the amazing couple you are.
I’ve been able to watch you grow together
through the good times and the bad.
I cannot wait to see you as parents.
Six short weeks! (or less!)


7 thoughts on “Lake Elsinore maternity :: Trisha is pregnant!

    • Dear Jess & Family – Your Uncle Steve sent this to me, WOW! Fantastic. Congrats to you and your little family, and please send our best to Tisha & John and their coming family. We are cousins. Your Grandma Doris was first cousin to my Dad – Seymour Cohen. Ask your Mom/Lisa (please send regards to her too) and your Uncle Steve about the connection. We probably only saw one another two or three times while you were growing up. The last time I think one of you were in High School and the other in Middle School – long time. Our best to all of you. Please keep us in your loop. I am in touch with your Uncle Steve often. Take care. Love, Cousin Bobbe and Dale Jacobs. Email: – we live in Camarillo, CA.

  1. So gorgeous!! I just any believe she’s about to make her debut already, it went by so fast!! Such beautiful photos and words Jess… Looking forward to the shower!

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