DIY :: Photo transfer

As you read this I am also working on a special guest post for a friend on different ideas of what you can do with your pictures instead of just letting them sit in a corner on your computer. One of those ideas are a photo transfer on to canvas. I thought since I wanted one to show as an example in that post I would just make one, and share the “how-to” with all of you. Here’s what you need: (make sure the photo you want to use is printed as a laser copy) IMG_1772First completely cover your canvas with the gel. (a heavy coat)IMG_1777 Press the photo on the canvas, picture side down. Let it dry completely, so a few hours or even overnight. IMG_1779Once it is dry, spray it with water and start rubbing it off. You have to be careful because you don’t want to rub too much and have the photo come off completely. For this DIY I did not rub it off completely because of time, also I realized after I started that it a super old canvas and the gel was old and sort of dried. Do not use an old yellow canvas or old gel, lesson learned!IMG_1788 IMG_1789Once all of the paper is removed, cover the canvas with one more coat of gel to seal and protect it. Then you’re done!IMG_2117


3 thoughts on “DIY :: Photo transfer

    • I think it is too! Even of more detailed shots, like wedding rings or a shoe shot.. Sometimes faces can get scratched off because of how you have to rub the back of the paper. But I do love it!

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