We’re tackling our summer list

We’ve been working hard and playing hard,
I can’t tell you why but having this summer list makes summer so much better!
Scott works nights and sleeps during the day
so we don’t do much on those days.
But once he’s caught up on sleep and has a day off,
we look to our list to see what we can go do!
First off a BBQ, then Drive-In movies..IMG_2222Cousin Jaxon with grandpaIMG_2227This little wetsuit is killing me!IMG_2235G looks like a duck whisperer in this one..
IMG_2236As you can tell Grayson wasn’t sure what to think about the kayak,
this is my “everybody look here and smile” yeah, didn’t really work.
They’re all still adorable anyway.
IMG_2242IMG_2264It’s official.. Officially hard to get a decent picture with our child.IMG_2268I love my little familyIMG_2269
Oh and I almost forgot!
We also went to the trampoline park,
we’ve been able to hang out with my sister-in-law Kristy and nephew Jaxon
which has been a blast! It had been a while since we’ve done that.
As the adults, we were semi-disappointed in the park,
but the kids loved it! That’s what really matters anyway.
Here G is doing what he does.. observing/staring.IMG_2271 IMG_2270IMG_2272Something has them both very interested..IMG_2273Doing what else he does.. screeching like a pterodactyl IMG_2274(please excuse the poor quality pictures, they are from my ever slowing iPhone)
Are you tackling your summer list yet?!
We’re having so much fun, I definitely recommend starting a list!
It’s not too late, I hear Sept and Oct are going to the warmest months!


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