Balloon baby shower for Trisha

Last weekend we had a fabulous baby shower for Trisha
and I just thought I’d share a few photos.
When I say a “few”, it means I only took a few..
When I’m one of the ones throwing the shower, I’m lucky if I get any.

First off, the invitation that Sam and I created together,
as all of the invitations we work on together, I absolutely LOVE it!balloonbabyshower_2262Have you tried these Oreo Cake Pops yet?!
I could probably eat all of them..
balloonbabyshower_2248 The balloon centerpieces and favorsballoonbabyshower_2251balloonbabyshower_2247Now, a couple photos hijacked from Instagramphoto-1 Sam got a great shot of all of the banners I made,
the bottom two are going to go in Molly’s room. balloonbabyshower_2263It turned out beautiful!
Trisha is just so sweet, I had so much fun helping plan.
I am dying of anticipation to meet this little girl.
About four weeks and counting.
We love you already Molly!

(please excuse the poor quality of pictures, some were taken with an iPhone)

3 thoughts on “Balloon baby shower for Trisha

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