Grayson :: 15 months

15 monthsDear Grayson,

You are 15 months old… 15 short months ago Jesus gave us you. It doesn’t seem like that long ago but then it seems like you’ve been mine forever. Time goes by so quickly when you’re in love. We don’t remember you ever not being a part of our family, you are the perfect puzzle piece to our family.

You at 15 months:

Your smile can light up the room.

You LOVE to dance, and I love that about you. If you hear any music at all, that booty is shakin.

You are so independent yet need your momma at the same time.

When I say, “Praise Jesus” you lift your hands in the air just like we taught you.

You love it outside and would stay out there all day if you could. You get really mad sometimes when we bring you in.

You have theee cutest sad face in the world, you pout out your lip and look at me with those big brown eyes. It’s one of my favorite things you do (and you do it on purpose sometimes only to smile immediately after)

You go to sleep like a big boy almost every night, and when if you don’t I jump at the chance to rock you.

You only have (almost) four teeth, although I think they’re all coming now at the same time!

You run everywhere and love to do everything yourself. Your newest thing is running in circles, it cracks me up.

You are my cuddler, my little affectionate boy. You will offer us kisses out of nowhere.

You love your Poppop, A LOT.

You have FINALLY started sleeping in until almost 7:00. To a normal person that is still early, but to us this is a Christmas miracle.

You absolutely despise the car seat, and have since you were about four months old.

You yell MAMA to me from your crib in the morning.

You LOVE your little blanket and would probably take it everywhere with you if you could.

You are my baby and I wouldn’t change a thing about you.15 months-215 months-3


One thought on “Grayson :: 15 months

  1. This is so so sweet Jess!! I sure have missed these updates! Thank you!! And thank you for raising such a sweet little boy for all of us to love on! <3

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