River trip :: August

Do you believe in signs?
I think I do,
don’t get me wrong I’m not like weird about it.
But I think God gives us signs
to either show us which direction to go,
or to tell us to run the other way.
Maybe that’s what we should have done when we planned our trip.
It was kinda sorta difficult to plan,
Scott has a crazy schedule, I’m always up to something.
Oh and Trisha is nine months pregnant!
Anyway, something was telling us to stay home,
but we didn’t listen.

Here’s our trip in pictures.. IMG_6829 IMG_6833We got there on Thursday afternoon,
it was 113 degrees with 100% humidity. Awful.
But totally fun! We were in the water so it was fine.
Teaching G how to swim,
I have a feeling by next summer this kid is going to be without a floaty.
IMG_6840He LOVES to munch on whole plums,
he has 3 1/2 teeth!IMG_6848This is what he does now when he’s told no,
like if he covers his face we can’t see him anymore.
Where’s Grayson?! haIMG_6851Our friendsIMG_6854If you have a squirmy child you probably know this well,
you have such trouble getting on a diaper to the ever moving toddler
that the diaper only covers half the cheek. Love it!
(also note the tippee toes, his new thing)
IMG_6857 IMG_6862 IMG_6865Sleepy boyIMG_6869Here’s where our trip takes a turn, for the bad..
Our boat breaks down,
we flag someone to tow us.
That takes over an hour.
John knows what part it is exactly and it’s back at the house,
nope it’s not back at the house and must have gotten thrown away.
So we ate popsicles instead..
IMG_6882We decide to take out the jet-ski for a couple hours,
should have just waited inside because the truck started overheating.
But snacks always make us happy.IMG_6880We found the perfect spot that night,
one that we could drive the truck to and was super close.
I love those eyelashes..IMG_6889Doesn’t he look so funny in that little swimmer?!
He’s too small for just about everything else so this works perfectly.
He of course can’t stand wearing it.
But he looks like a little Buzz Lightyear to me.
IMG_6893A very, very pixelated zoomed in picture,
but it was too cute not to share.
Grayson driving the jet-ski. He loved it.IMG_5825Crazy lake hair
IMG_6897My new favorite of himIMG_6899This DVD player was a lifesaver (Thanks Seneff’s!)
Like I mentioned yesterday, he hates the car seat.
So this helped the ride for sure,
plus I would turn it on a little bit before bed to get him to wind down.
We’re going to be investing in one of these for Christmas most definitely.
IMG_6905Since we found the perfect spot,
our plan was to wake up early and have the boys put our stuff there
while we made breakfast and got G ready.
Perfect spot, perfect plan.
We wake up Saturday morning and it is pouring rain,
terrible thunderstorms and lightening. Of course.
All of our phones were receiving flash flood alerts. It was bad.
So instead we cleaned up, packed and headed home. Boo.

Getting on the road early wasn’t necessarily a bad thing for me,
I had a very busy day Sunday and had lots to prepare for.
But someone had other plans..
John’s rear passenger tire blew out on the 95.
For those of you who go to Havasu or Laughlin much
you know that the 95 can be pretty deserted.
Then one of the tools we absolutely needed to change
the tire was not in the truck.
So we (again) flagged someone down,
but their tool wasn’t the right size. Go figure.
So we waited, and waited for the tow truck.

My beautiful, pregnant friend still smiling. She’s cool like that.
IMG_6908 IMG_6911 IMG_6916What is this you ask? The boys went back to search..
When the tire blew off it took off John’s bumper!
And dented the side of his truck, and broke his passenger side mirror.
Yes, crazy tire. IMG_6907We are so, so thankful that the weather was actually nice while we sat there,
if it was like when we got there, we seriously would have melted.
The car ride home wasn’t the best for G, he was nice and asleep before the tire incident.
Then was fast asleep again but we went through more torrential downpour
and Scott had to get our bag and the rain literally hit me on the other side of the car
so of course woke him up suddenly. That wasn’t fun.
Thank goodness we had that DVD player and all of the Toy Story movies. IMG_6924Would you believe me if I told you we all still had fun?
I guess I can’t exactly speak for Trisha, being pregnant and going through that.
But we did, John and Trisha are the most easy going people I’ve ever hung out with.
John could have easily been so mad at what happened to his truck,
let it ruin the drive home but he didn’t.
It was an adventure for sure and we’ll go back again,
next summer.. after this trip is in our distant memory.

Have any tips for a little one who hates the car?
Sure would appreciate it.


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