People say summer is almost over..

I don’t know where they live,
but if they are anywhere near me..
Summer isn’t over.. I would be willing to bet
that September and October are going to be warmer
than July and August..
Anyone want to take my bet?
I am one who normally doesn’t want the summer to end,
this year I might feel a little differently.
But only because there are 2 1/2 of us sharing a very tiny space.
Winter, you’re allowed to come now if you’d like.
But no rain please. I hate rain. Thank you.

Anyway, since summer is still here..
We’re truckin along with our list.
First, we went on a night hike..
IMG_70261. The boys 2. How far I trailed the entire time 3. Family pictureIMG_7027No I did not make it all the way to the top are you crazy?!
I’ve hardly done any exercise since before I was pregnant!
I wasn’t as sore as I thought I would be actually.
Although apparently my hands were so shaky I couldn’t get a good picture of those two..
We’ll definitely attempt it again, I’m curious to see if I can make it higher.
IMG_7028Then a couple days later, a little ice cream. (Defeats the purpose of the hike, geez)IMG_7047On our list we want to visit a beach in our surrounding counties,
we were going to go to a cove in La Jolla
but G had a tiny runny nose (ended up just being from teething)
since we didn’t know at the time and didn’t want to chance making him sick
we went to Seaport Village in San Diego for lunch and just to walk around.
Well we never ever knew about this really cool Navy Ship,
It is the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier, and it is now a museum.
It was the biggest ship I’ve ever seen in real life.
We ate lunch and wanted to go buuut, it was $19 for adults
which we think is totally worth it, just not this week.
We’re planning to go back in a few weeks though for sure!
So we I just did the touristy thing and took pictures in front of it.IMG_6987 IMG_6988 IMG_6993IMG_6999Tons of walking that day for this little dude, he was tired.IMG_7004What a great day, I can’t wait to go back.
Grayson points at every plane and helicopter
so it’ll be fun to have him so close to them.
I’ll bring my real camera for sure, get some better pictures!

To make this post even longer I found this on Pinterest,
kind of like a bucket list for the winter.
I seriously LOVE having this list, life changer for sure.
So I’m excited to find things for December we can do.

Thank you for sharing your time with me,
have a great day!


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