A little waffle party

I talked last week about finally having more time
and with that time I decided to do something fun.
For myself, and my family and besties.
Throw a little waffle party!
Yesterday was labor day and I thought it would be
a perfect day for spending breakfast together.
It was super simple and easy to do,
I used plates and napkins from a recent shower I threw
and we had most of the food already. waffleparty_3091My waffle making helperwaffleparty_3109 waffleparty_3112waffleparty_3127 waffleparty_3116waffleparty_3124Thank you Eli for flashing your handsome smile my way.waffleparty_3119The littles obviously don’t like me bothering them while they eat,
but they’re just too darn cute.waffleparty_3120 waffleparty_3123My handsome
waffleparty_3126Thanks girls for spending your morning with us,
I love having these memories with you.
Grayson had so much fun he was exhausted,
fell right asleep in my arms as soon as everyone left.waffleparty_3128


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