The last several days…

Have been totally crazy,
Grayson and I have gone pretty much nonstop.
We went to Disneyland with friends Wednesday night,
then Thursday our little family went to Redlands
with a group of our friends to the monthly street fair.
What I love most about this summer
is that we’ve experienced so many things we never have before.
Big things or small, like a simple street fair.
(a quick smiling family picture is nearly impossible these days)
Grayson also made a new buddy that night, Hudson.
They were so cute together and instantly hit it off.
2013-09-05 20.47.41Friday night we went as a family to Disneyland
(two days in one week, I know I’m crazy)
Goodness gracious just pose with me child… IMG_3196 IMG_3197On Saturday we went to the petting zoo,
Grayson got to feed the guinea pigs, it was so cute!
Right when we walked in one of the Llamas bit him,
luckily he’s a tough guy and didn’t let it bother him.
IMG_3131 IMG_3136Uncle John trying to catch a fur-ball for G.
IMG_3137Got oneIMG_3142I so love his eyelashes
IMG_3145Ugh, eating the animal’s fruit..
Why Grayson why?!
(don’t worry we stopped him.. of course)IMG_3148 IMG_3150It was so funny, this little girl was yelling at the goat,
IMG_3152 IMG_3153The goat whisperer..IMG_3155Look at this lady!
I’m assuming she’s a she, I mean look at those bangs.IMG_3156 IMG_3157After the zoo we went this amazing lunch spot, Hummingbird House Cafe.
I got a Greek salad, soo good! G enjoying his lunch.
I have to tell this little story, hopefully quickly.
We always hold hands with him while we pray for the meal,
Scott and I were on both sides,
he held my hand but then reached across and wanted to hold John’s hand.
It was seriously the sweetest thing ever.
Both of the smiles in these pictures were too him too..
Little charmer.
Then he through his second public tantrum immediately following lunch,
not so charming..

IMG_3188Probably our last outing with just the five of us,
Molly should be arriving very shortly.IMG_3194Just like his daddy.IMG_3195We’ve had a GREAT week,
we’ve been exhausted though.
After church yesterday we spent the day at the house,
just staying home..
I love our adventures, I am so thankful.


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