Murrieta newborn photography :: Thad Davis

murrietanewborn_2920Sweet sweet newborns,
they’re quickly becoming my favorite.
Baby Thad was perfect,
slept almost the entire time for me.
Two big sisters does make it a little harder to sleep,
but he managed to make it through.
He sure is a lucky guy though,
to have two big sisters who love him so much.
murrietanewborn_2931They’re the cutestmurrietanewborn_2941 murrietanewborn_2959 murrietanewborn_2963 murrietanewborn_2974My new favorite toes shot ever..murrietanewborn_3078And this is the moment I fell for little Thad..murrietanewborn_3035murrietanewborn_2987 murrietanewborn_3047 murrietanewborn_3055 murrietanewborn_3064We’ve already started talking about our next session,
a super adorable family session.
I would tell you about it,
but I’d rather keep it a secret.
Can’t wait! Kisses to you baby Thad xoxo


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