A teeny tiny video for your Friday

Sorry that I’ve been a little absent this week,
our good friends Trisha and John
had their baby this week!!
She had her late Tuesday night, or actually early Wednesday morning.
We were at the hospital until 2:00 AM,
I’m old now.. so I’m barely recovering from the lack of sleep.
Sad I know.

Anyway, I’m usually better prepared
but this week notsomuch.
I thought I’d just leave you with the video I find quite funny.
As I am sure I have mentioned once or twice,
Grayson is not a good “napper”
Thankfully he has always been good at night sleeping,
but horrible at naps..
This is my proof, poor guy is fighting it so bad
practically asleep sitting up.
I’ve seriously watched this over and over,
I don’t exactly know why but I just love it!
Have a great weekend!


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