Hello Monday :: it’s been a while

hello_mondayHello summer days
Hello to lots of pool time
Hello new family adventures
Hello to my growing little mister
1 car rideHello to new ideas
Hello waffle parties
Hello impromptu cuddles2 snugglesHello to really missing our own house
Hello thankfulness for what we’ve been given
Hello poorly taken pictures of baby-doggie acrobatics
3 acrobaticsHello hot days
Hello to drinking from a hose4 water funHello celebrations of a special man
Hello bored baby5 bored
Hello birthday lunch
HELLO Dairy Queen
Hello to our first Toys-R-Us visit
Hello picking out presents on Poppops birthday6 spoiledHello Tanner and Rhyan
Hello to learning (and struggling) to share
Hello to help with everything… even wearing glasses.7 stylishHello to very precious new littles
Hello newborn cries and tiny bottoms.
Hello MollymollyHello to warming up little by littlefriendsHello to cooler days
Hello busy days
Hello to needing some rest
Then last but not least,
Hello to properly cleaning oneself10 cleanHappy Monday!! xoxo


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