So I don’t forget

2013-09-25 18.52.43I want to freeze this moment in time
the only way I know how to.
Take a picture,
and add it to this little space on the internet.
He’s not a baby anymore,
but not a big kid either.
I’m so in love. 2013-09-25 18.52.08 2013-09-25 18.53.06Just a t-shirt, diaper and socks.
One day it will be undies instead of a diaper,
I believe that will be just as cute.
2013-09-25 18.53.30He’s watching Toy Story with his Woody and Buzz close by. (Nemo too)
He likes to hold on the the playstation controller while he watches.
I love how his hair looks at the end of the day, all fuzzy
And his big brown eyes and beautiful eyelashes, don’t get me started.
I love him, all of him.
2013-09-25 18.53.49Thursdays are normally our family days but Scott starts a second job today,
yesterday we spent the day at Disneyland and then went to a late lunch
at this great little Greek cafe that we found in San Juan Capistrano.
It’s a little sad to see our Thursdays go, they’ve made our life better.
But I am hoping Saturdays will be our new Thursday.
Today I have plans to go visit a special little lady,
that alone makes for a great day.

Hope your Thursday is a good one. xoxo


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