Lake Elsinore newborn :: Molly Jae Seneff

lakeelsinorenewborn_3804I am over the moon and so excited
to introduce you all to Molly Jae Seneff.
There might not be another baby girl more adored than her.
We love all of the hair bows and PINK,
we don’t have much of that around here.
I know her mommy and daddy are so in love with her,
I hope these photos have them even more smitten..
I know I am.
lakeelsinorenewborn_3631Look at that grin!
That one right there is for her mommy only.
lakeelsinorenewborn_3642Hi Mollylakeelsinorenewborn_3650lakeelsinorenewborn_3806Favorite, favorite, favorite with her daddy..
lakeelsinorenewborn_3669 lakeelsinorenewborn_3691 lakeelsinorenewborn_3717 lakeelsinorenewborn_3715lakeelsinorenewborn_3696 lakeelsinorenewborn_3807lakeelsinorenewborn_3728Again with those smiles..lakeelsinorenewborn_3738 lakeelsinorenewborn_3772Love all three of my Seneff’s so very much..


5 thoughts on “Lake Elsinore newborn :: Molly Jae Seneff

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