“Abide in Him”

I am starting to read “Full Life in Christ” and I barely got to the first chapter when something massively targets my heart. Please read this, you might have to read it a few times, I know that I did.

“Therefore, abide in Him! Every believer is in Christ, but every one does not abide in Him in the consciously joyful and trustful surrender of his whole being given up to His influence. You know what abiding in Him. It is consent with our whole souls to His being our lives, to depend on Him to inspire us in all that goes to make up life, and then to absolutely give up everything so that He may rule and work in us. It is resting in the full assurance that He does, each moment, work in us what we are to be. He Himself enables us to maintain that perfect surrender, in which He is free to do all His will.”

I struggle constantly with who I am, what I should do with my life and how I could be better. The answer is so very simple, “abide in Him.” My favorite part is “resting in the full assurance that He does, each moment, work in us what we are to be.” To me that means, it doesn’t matter what our idea is of what we’re suppose to be is, because if we abide in Him.. we’re already there.. prayeratdinner

On another different but somewhat related note… It’s crazy to me how smart babies are, and how much they pick up. Grayson is an observer for sure. (some may call it a staring problem, but for this story he is an observer) So it was important to us that he knows the importance of prayer and that he sees us doing it. As we’re navigating this whole parenting-thing, especially the feeding-a-child-to-make-sure-they-survive-thing.. I will admit, we started skipping the meal prayers. But being that Grayson understands so much of what we say and do, we made it a point to start praying together before our meals.

A couple of months back we were at a restaurant starting to pray like any other day. Scott and I held hands and then low and behold, our little guy grabbed our clenched hands and held on while we prayed. I cried. The waiter saw the whole thing, what a fun little testimony. Since then he has held our hands, or any guests that have dinner with us every time. It is so sweet.

Last night, I had set him in his high chair with his dinner and got mine and sat down. No sooner did I sit and look at him to start our prayer, he puts his fork down, lifts his hand towards me and says, “ehhhhh.” Which I am assuming in this case meant let’s pray. Again, I cried. It was so so cool, it gave me the Holy Ghost goosebumps.. I know that he doesn’t know what “prayer” is or why we do it, but that doesn’t matter right now.

I pray that we would always be a godly example to our son. I pray that when he grows up he chooses Jesus. Please Lord be with our son always.

Thank you so much for reading, have a wonderful day.


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