Eight is great

My most favorite memories of Scott have quickly become those of him with Grayson.
He and I go waaay back, like fifteen years way back so we have a plethera of memories.
Because we’ve been together so long we have shared some great times,
my favorite has been the past 17 months since Grayson was born.
You honestly can’t know until you experience it, but your heart just grows.
It grows for this new life you’ve been given to care for,
but it also grows for the man who helped you create that little life. Leaps and Bounds..
I am going through a little phase where I want like five kids! (I have room in my heart okay)
I just want an entire house full of tiny little toes.
But don’t tell that to Scott, he’d get a stomach ulcer.
Plus I am sure this crazy phase will pass soon..
Oh gosh that was a rabbit trail if I’ve ever seen one..
My heart growing, yes.. He is a better at being a father than I ever imagined,
his heart is to be home with us, I love him for that.

Dear husband of eight years, you are my absolute favorite.. I could not ask for a better partner in this life. You pick me up when you need to, dry my tears if the well is running and talk sense into me when I am acting crazy. We are so so different, but belong perfectly together. You are a wonderful daddy to Grayson and work harder than anyone I know. Yes I am going there, “you complete me.” So thank you for that.

Throwback Tuesday or whatever you call it.. An always favorite memory of ours.eighth anniversaryMy favorite memories as of lately..eighth anniversary2

OH! My post last year on our anniversary is the best, it has pictures from all seven years.. You should go look!


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