Our trip to the pumpkin patch

fallbucketlist_001Although halloween is my least favorite holiday,
I was still really excited to taking Grayson to a pumpkin patch.
Experiencing things for the first time is one of the best things about being a parent in my opinion..
Two bummer things though about this trip:
1. It was freezing 2. The only day we could go was on a Wednesday and they didn’t really have much going on.
We went to Live Oak Canyon pumpkin patch in Redlands.
It looked so fun there, we will definitely be going back next year.. but on a weekend.
Our days with the three of us together are a little scarce so we still made the best of it.

fallbucketlist_002 fallbucketlist_003 fallbucketlist_004Apparently it was heavyfallbucketlist_005 fallbucketlist_006The biggest I’ve ever seen.fallbucketlist_007Who would want a pumpkin like this? I don’t understandfallbucketlist_008The treatsfallbucketlist_009 fallbucketlist_010A couple days later we (Scott) got to work on the smaller pumpkin
This little guy was designed to look like Grayson,
I think Scott did a great job ha!fallbucketlist_011I sure wish you could see G’s two and a half (top) teeth in this picture..fallbucketlist_012Serious businessfallbucketlist_013 fallbucketlist_014I don’t remember what this face is for, being told no for something.
fallbucketlist_015Snack on some pumpkin, sure why not.fallbucketlist_016So that you can see where Gray gets his eyelashes from..fallbucketlist_017All he wanted to do was push on the little button eyes,
a week or so later he got to it without our knowledge and blinded him.
fallbucketlist_018 fallbucketlist_019Hope everyone has a lovely and safe day with their family!


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