Christmas wish list

It is so crazy to think that it is already November!
Have you started Christmas shopping? I have.
Okay I’ve bought something for my nephew and Grayson,
but that’s still a start..

Rather than doing two separate lists for G and I for our Christmas wishes,
I decided to throw ours together in the same post..
I’ve found a love for sewing lately and since starting
my my shop I’ve been sewing more and more.
I think it’s only appropriate to start with a new machine..
The one I have now makes the loudest clunk with every stitch.
Next, as you know if you’ve followed for a while we live with family now.
Our plan is to move out after Christmas,
and I’d really like to switch up our decor in the next house.
I’d  love to have something with different types of letters, and maybe I’ll throw in some numbers too. a48759adf7746a983c5b8eba792f54ef
I tend to be super picky with sunglasses,
I have a fat face but a small head.. go figure
My favorite glasses broke over summer
and my brother’s were laying around
so I tried them on and kinda liked it..
So it’s about time for some new ones,
Although I could never spend $150 on Sunglasses.rb2140_902
I had this camera on my list last year,
I am really hopeful that you won’t see it again.ica5dm3
And while I am using my new camera
I definitely need some new nail polish,
I’ve become sort of a nail polish snob. OPI is my fave. 352d661a8599eaac3e41c80ba011c050
I was never been a robe kinda-girl,
but few years ago Scott’s sister gave us one for a bridesmaid gift.
I use it after the shower, and now don’t go without one.
I think this one will do. V378015_CROP1
Another goodie that was on my Christmas list last year was a phone case
or three.. this year is no different.
I found one that I love, plus a couple others I definitely wouldn’t mind having.
Mint and arrow case! Also, this one is so pretty,
and it doesn’t hurt to have a little phone case encouragement now and then.5565443_14122996-caseiphone5_b

Alright now onto G, I don’t know what was more fun..
Window shopping for me, or for him.
I have to admit something before I start,
(I never thought I would be like this)
but whenever we go to a toy store
I always, always want to buy him something!
I need to stop, I am going to create a bad habit..
With that said, my wish list for my little mister.gray

Since having this little person in my life,
I  (yes I) have loved the “Little People” toys.
So I think (we’d) love a barn animals set!
He loves to build and stack his Duplos,
so there are a few lego sets I’d like to get him.
The Farm and construction site set
His newest thing is stacking, he stacks anything and everything,
I want to get him some wood blocks.
He of course needs a puzzle or two.
Every little boy needs a tub of dinosaurs!
Grayson also LOVES to be outside, so we need something fun for the backyard,
I’m thinking this slide would be perfect.
Is it bad that I want him to have a kitchen?
Then if he has a kitchen he’ll need more food.
For as long as I remember my dad has had the Veggie Tales
movies around the house. I thought this would be a good start to our collection.
When I was browsing, I of course couldn’t help myself
and ordered the “Marry Larry, the true light of Christmas”

I just want to get him everything! Maybe I will I win the lottery and be able buy it all..
I’ll get everything from my list too, because yes; I realize mine is really more of a “wish” list.
Happy Christmas shopping!!


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