Lake Elsinore family photography :: Nelson, Lisa and family

elsinorefamilyphotography_4589The Shipley, Seneff and Sybesma’s are more like family than friends,
I was really excited when it was fairly easy to pick a day for pictures.
The last time we did a big group photo,
I think Mikaela was one! Growing families are my favorite.
How wonderful is this grandparent picture with their grand babies,
I love it. Even little Molly decided to flash a beautiful smile for me.
elsinorefamilyphotography_4606You know these guys, I shared Wesley’s one year session recently.
elsinorefamilyphotography_4563Christopher, Mika and their littles.elsinorefamilyphotography_4618You definitely know this family, such great friends of ours,
John, Trisha and Mollyelsinorefamilyphotography_4719I love me some hugging pictures. Clearly.elsinorefamilyphotography_4658 elsinorefamilyphotography_4667The kids were smiled out,
but we had to grab one more in Poppop’s hot rod!elsinorefamilyphotography_4711I love you guys, thank you for all of your love to my family.
I look forward to our next time with even more babies!


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