Family pictures 2013

williams_2013-94I had a feeling that family pictures this year would be extremely difficult.
Boy was I right, if this kid is outside.. he wants to be running.
He would live outside if he could, sometimes I refer to him as Moogly
he could be raised by bears and be perfectly happy I think..
Anyway, I knew that we wouldn’t get many posed pictures,
but I am totally okay with that too.
williams_2013-44I made his little bow tie, I think it looks so cute on him.williams_2013-35 williams_2013-63My favorite family shotwilliams_2013-109I think it’s cute how he’s looking back in this first one,
but love the lighting in the second.williams_2013-171 williams_2013-174I have told Scott many times while taking pictures with Grayson..
make him smile but don’t make a weird face while doing it.
He doesn’t listen.. but this is still super duper cute to me.williams_2013-178Be still my heartwilliams_2013-207You’ve seen this one already, but being my favorite ever I had to share it again.williams_2013-216 williams_2013-221I love this photo of Scott, he looks so handsome..williams_2013-229Grayson was sooo done at this point, but we still tried for one morewilliams_2013-230Thank you once again to my friend Mandi for taking these!!


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