Rustic themed baby shower

girlbabyshower_7202This is not helping my infatuation with baby girls,
but I have for you today the most beautiful vintage, rustic baby shower.
Every detail was beautiful! I’m even in love the utensil holder..
girlbabyshower_7144girlbabyshower_7124girlbabyshower_7043 girlbabyshower_7115See, gorgeous right?!girlbabyshower_7032 girlbabyshower_7034 girlbabyshower_7037girlbabyshower_7194I usually don’t eat when I am the hired help,
but every person who walked by me ranted and raved about the tortilla soup..
So I had to give it a try, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. girlbabyshower_7193girlbabyshower_7196girlbabyshower_7195girlbabyshower_7127 girlbabyshower_7121One of my absolute favorite details, the cupcake holder!
I’ve never seen them displayed like this and I LOVE it.girlbabyshower_7203 girlbabyshower_7019 girlbabyshower_7023Heather’s daughter Tanner named these “Tristyn toes”
Baby toes are the sweetest so it makes sense.girlbabyshower_7027This pretty lady with momma is my friend Heather who hosted the shower,
and her girls, Tanner and Ryhan. All gorgeous ladies!girlbabyshower_7135The backdrop is just lovely, and those might be the cutest little shoes ever!girlbabyshower_7311Such a beautiful shower,
It was an honor to be asked to document such a special day.
If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time,
you know that I love baby showers.
Photographing them is a bonus (hint, hint)
I can’t wait to see pictures of baby Tristyn from auntie Heather!


One thought on “Rustic themed baby shower

  1. I don’t doubt at all that you had to get yourself some tortilla soup, that soup always reminds me of you at Chili’s. haha

    And that Midnight Diaper activity is such a cute idea!

    And… love these photos, you really captured the details that they must have spent so much time on!

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