18 months :: Grayson Scott

IMG_9776My baby is a year and a half!
Or eighteen months, however you prefer to count.
I really can’t believe it!
Picture updates are EXTREMELY hard at this age,
he wouldn’t sit still if I paid him a million dollars.
So for this update, we walked down the street
and I chased him with my camera.
I captured him in his element for sure. Outside.
It’s his favorite.
IMG_9782IMG_9780At a year and a half Grayson is always clapping,
and will blow you a kiss when you leave.
If I am gone, he spends the entire time asking for “momma”
same when daddy is gone, “dadda”
He cries almost every time we leave, same for my dad.
Grayson has changed his name from Poppop to Papa.
He sounds like a little Italian when he says it,
his lips pierce together, it is the CUTEST. “PAAPAA”
IMG_9788If you’ve followed for a while, you remember monthly achievements posts,
well there’s no way for that to work now, he’s just too big.
So we did it this way this time.. He’s real thrilled as you can tell to be in one spot.
IMG_9809A is for apple!
This one is for his book that I am working on,
but I had to throw it in because it’s too cute not to.IMG_9791 IMG_9797Eyelashes!IMG_9798This might look like a silly picture to you,
but this is the face he makes when you hand him his blanket.
He is so ATTACHED to this, and gets so happy when he has it.
It’s not allowed outside normally (except for pictures of course)
He sleeps with it, and lately has been carrying it everywhere. allthetime.IMG_9819 IMG_9821Grayson LOVES looking for airplanes and helicopters,
even from inside the house he stops what he’s doing to look for them.IMG_9827Now that I am over in my little corner of the web crying,
I will say that every single day for the past 18 months
I have thanked Jesus for allowing me to be his mommy.
I know that I was created for it.
He is our best blessing.

6 thoughts on “18 months :: Grayson Scott

  1. I knew I missed your monthly update posts A TON but after reading this post (3 times!), I really really really miss his monthly updates. He’s turning into such an amazing little guy… these photos seem to capture him so perfectly, exactly as his mama sees him. I can not even explain how much I love all these little nephews and neices of ours, they each hold a piece of my heart. Thank you so much for sharing him with all of us! And since I usually do, I must say my favorites are his smiley running photo in the beginning, his clapping photo, the updated pose with mama with his cool kid face, okay pretty much every picture now that I’m going back through for the 4th time! Love you and your little man! Happy 18 months G-Baby! xoxo Auntie Sammi

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