Murrieta family photography :: Lazar family

murrietafamilyphotography_7388You may or may not recognize these guys from Olivia’s newborn session,
she has already changed so much in two months!
I say this all of the time but the Lazar family is one of the sweetest families,
I always enjoy the time I spend with Rick and Mal.
I was really excited when they booked this session,
their house is only a couple minutes away from this beautiful park
so it worked out perfectly. The weather was gorgeous as well.
Really, could this family (or this little guy) be any cuter? murrietafamilyphotography_7335So sweetmurrietafamilyphotography_7342 murrietafamilyphotography_7350 murrietafamilyphotography_7357I just love this. (side-note; Mallory has fabulous cheekbones!)
murrietafamilyphotography_7372 murrietafamilyphotography_7412We even got a teeny smile from Olivia..murrietafamilyphotography_7413 murrietafamilyphotography_7472 murrietafamilyphotography_7501Thank you Rick and Mal, it was a pleasure once again to spend time with you.


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