Murrieta family photography :: Chris, Stef and Caleb

murrietafamilyphotography_9524I am so totally in love with all of these!
Not to mention smitten with this family,
the little mister especially!
Most perfect little one and a half year old model ever.
That first picture up top, it’s my absolute favorite!
Stef ordered a nice big one for her new house,
I can’t wait to see them all displayed.
Okay without any more talking from me.. murrietafamilyphotography_9526murrietafamilyphotography_9536 murrietafamilyphotography_9546 murrietafamilyphotography_9590That face!murrietafamilyphotography_9617murrietafamilyphotography_9631murrietafamilyphotography_9669Can’t have a photo shoot without the sock monkey!murrietafamilyphotography_9716Love you guys!! Can’t wait to see all of these hung up in your beautiful new home.


One thought on “Murrieta family photography :: Chris, Stef and Caleb

  1. That first one is so so cute! I bet it looks great as a large print too! But I also still love that first one you had posted on Instagram of mom and dad kissing above him…. so so cute!

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