Menifee Child Photography :: Graham 3 months

menifeechildphotography_9138This little cutie is already three months old,
We set up a little studio at the Siepker house
and it turned out perfect.
Graham was his happy self and did wonderfully.
We took this opportunity to get mommy in them as well,
I may be bias but momma/son relationships are my favorite.
And just look at that smile!
menifeechildphotography_9145 menifeechildphotography_9147 menifeechildphotography_9160 menifeechildphotography_9179 menifeechildphotography_9198 menifeechildphotography_9211He worked so hard at his photo shoot
that he fell fast asleep right in the middle.
What do I do when a precious baby falls asleep in front of me,
I keep snapping away..menifeechildphotography_9225 menifeechildphotography_9227Sweet sleeping Grahammenifeechildphotography_9228


One thought on “Menifee Child Photography :: Graham 3 months

  1. Oh my gosh I just love these! I love that one where he’s looking back up at you… but that sleeping one is just to die for! He looks so much like his sisters! So cute!!

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