Murrieta family photography :: the Harmons

murrietafamilyphotography_9622I just love when one of my absolute favorite shots happen within the first five minutes,
I love everything about this first picture.
I have been so lucky lately with the kids in these families,
they have been so sweet and so cooperative.
Alyssa is no exception, she’s the sweetest.
So was Alexia of course, although most one month old babies are!
Our session happened to be on one of the two cold days we’ve had so far,
you can’t tell but poor Alyssa’s lips would quiver.
She’s such a trooper, she did wonderful the entire time.
Meet the Harmon family everyone..
murrietafamilyphotography_9680 murrietafamilyphotography_9692Another favoritemurrietafamilyphotography_9698 murrietafamilyphotography_9801I am so glad we didn’t get rained out,
it was so nice to catch up with you Alondra.
I love your Christmas cards and I hope your holiday is great!!

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