Lake Elsinore child photographer :: Molly 3 months

mollyjae_156You might want to prepare yourself for Molly overload,
you would think she was mine they way I saved sooo many to share.
Buut she isn’t, but she is my favorite little model.
I see lots of fun girly sessions in our future.
Seriously everything was perfect with these, I love them all.
mollyjae_170That face!mollyjae_184 mollyjae_193I can tell you that daddy is already wrapped around her little finger,
but with those eyes and that smile aren’t you too?mollyjae_202She dozed off for just a minute.mollyjae_206 mollyjae_209 mollyjae_212Woke up wide-eyed.. probably wondering what she was doing in a basket.mollyjae_220 mollyjae_234 mollyjae_243Loves her mommymollyjae_252 mollyjae_263Oh sweet girl, you are my favorite.

8 thoughts on “Lake Elsinore child photographer :: Molly 3 months

  1. Oh my goodness Jessica Rose!! These are amazing… I haven’t had a tearful morning reading your blog in a [little] while! I must say that my favorites have to be that very first one, this very last one… the first one of Molly’s wide eyes looking at the camera with her mama kissing her and that black and white belly one! Oh my goodness, I can’t imagine how hard it was to narrow it down! They are all so so cute!!

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