I mean really, who keeps them?
My only hope for this next year is to spend quality time
with my little family, and my big family too.
I’ve struggled this year with balance,
I hope to be better this coming year.
Starting off with having a set schedule of days that I
have sessions and ordering appointments.
Those will be the only days I see clients.
Followed by having office hours, times that Grayson
is out of the house so that I can be productive.
Scott and I have worked out a schedule
and I am really hoping this helps.
If I have a guarantee time that I know that I can get a jumpstart
on a project, it will make the time I spend with Grayson a better
quality time because I’m not trying to do things here and there
while he needs me.. That’s the worst.. To have a deadline
and he’s whining at my legs to pick him up.

A blogger (Emily Anderson) that I really admire wrote something about this too recently,
it’s about being present over being perfect, you should read it.
ps. she’s the blogger that makes me want to have a house full of littles running around!!

So instead of making a bunch of resolutions to lose weight, and eat healthier yada yada.
I am going to start this year off with prayer to be better.
A better wife, mommy, daughter and friend.
To not be so consumed with my to-do list,
but more with the people who love me.

I also want to dream more. I don’t do that enough at all. Then accomplish those dreams.

Happy New Year everyone! I pray your year is blessed.

And because every post is better when it has a picture..


2 thoughts on “Resolutions/Smesholutions..

  1. I just have to say that you definitely are a dreamer already… you’re always coming up with crazy cool ideas… so I would take that strike-through out because you can’t say you never dream. And I love that about you.

    • Sam thank you for the compliment and the encouragement, that’s really nice of you to say.. maybe I need to be better with follow-through then.. Love you Sam.

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