Highlights from 2013

Grayson’s first trip to the dairy to see the animals.IMG_4140I apparently really, really liked this photo shoot of Grayson in his pj’s…
My little Valentine.. (something tells me he won’t let this happen again this year)IMG_4937We started packing up leave our first home.IMG_0543 MARCH
We started our new adventure.
This was Grayson’s last “first” holiday (Easter)IMG_6567MAY
We had a tiny scare, Grayson had to have blood tests done.imnotlioncar rideMy second ever Mother’s day was fabulous.IMG_6947We had our very first trip to Disneyland as a family along with friends.IMG_7873IMG_7860 Then, our biggest excitement for the month… our baby boy turned ONE!! birthdayphotos_8277and we had pretty much the best little boy birthday party EVER! bugbirthdayparty_32JUNE
Our very last monthly achievements post.12 monthsOur nephew Charlie was born.newbornphotography_1049JULY

We came up with a new tradition, our Summer bucket listsummerlistAUGUST
I opened my Etsy shop, Sew in Love.IMG_2112We were at the pool almost every single day. He loved it.IMG_2137We had a horrible interesting river trip.
I’m kidding, it wasn’t horrible.. Just hit a few rough patches along the way.
Here we are… stranded…IMG_6911IMG_6908SEPTEMBER
We had a super fun waffle partywaffleparty_3127waffleparty_3109Took Gray to his first petting zooIMG_3142Our most exciting September news,
little miss Molly was born and forever made her way into our family’s hearts. lakeelsinorenewborn_3717OCTOBER
We celebrated our EIGTH anniversary!eighth anniversaryWent to the pumpkin patchfallbucketlist_002Met baby FrankensteinIMG_5016NOVEMBER
Grayson’s 18 month picturesIMG_9809 Took a much needed family day to March Air Force Base. IMG_9866IMG_9860DECEMBER
This month was filled with work mostly, I was crazy busy.
But we of course celebrated the holiday
with our little love. (and Scott built us a stocking holder.. a cardboard fireplace!)2013-12-24 20.34.18 2013-12-24 20.34.47Man oh man looking back makes me realize (even more) how blessed Scott and I are.
To have an amazing, healthy and happy family.
What more do we really need.
I do hope that as far as our waiting on Scott’s career goes,
that 2014 brings us what has taken forever to come.
Please Jesus please..
I also wouldn’t mind adding another little set of toes to Williams’.
Regardless of what adventure lies ahead for us,
we know that God sees our parade, from the beginning to the end.
God bless you this year, thank you for spending time with me.


2 thoughts on “Highlights from 2013

  1. Okay okay I think you were only allowed to make me cry once a week and that moment has already passed… but I’ll let it slide this time because this was just too sweet of a post!! I can’t believe how baby like he still looked at the beginning of this year, I know he was still a baby but I feel like he’s been walking all year—if that makes any sense. Gosh I love your family…

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