Home remedies :: for the boys

removessplintersI guess this could be for little adventurous girls,
actually this could really be for any of us..
Splinters! I found a home remedy for them.
As you all know Grayson is a total outdoor boy,
he would live out there if I let him.
One day last week he was literally out there
all day except to nap and eat.
That was the day he got all of his splinters.
Look at them! There is like 20.splintersSo grab some baking soda and some water..
Mix it around until it’s paste-like,
spread it on the splinter and put a band-aid over it.
I waited about 30-45 minutes,
when you wipe off the baking soda.
Like 10 splinters wiped off with it!
So crazy! I did it two different days with how many there were.
But I just checked again today and they are totally gone.
(he’s pointing out the owie he got yesterday on his knee)splintersafterPin this and try it next time, I promise it works.


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