Garlands and good causes..

It’s all Valentines all the time for me,
besides the mini sessions  happening this week
I am involved in my second adoption fundraiser “garland exchange”
There is this fabulous lady, Emmy Blakely,
who loves the Lord and has a huge passion for adoption.
As you all know we have been blessed with a son,
but it definitely wasn’t easy getting to him.
I contemplated the thought that adopting might be our only way
to have a baby of our own. (Thank you Jesus that we were able to conceive)
But I still feel a special spot in my heart for women
who struggle with (miscarriages especially) and infertility.
So Emmy hosts these exchanges to raise money
for families needing financial support to adopt.
This will be the second one I have joined.
We all know that I have a crazy obsession with hearts,
Valentines day and this exchange allows my obsession to be validated.
At least in my mind it does. I’m super excited!
We will find out later this week who our “special person” is,
and then these busy fingers are getting to work!
Here is a little Valentine garland inspiration..
(Click on the picture for the source and for most the DIY)

Burlap garlandburlap garlandPaint swatch garlandpaint swatchesRainbow felt garland
This one is similar to one of my mini session decorations..
rainbow felt garlandPaper heartspaper heartsValentine advent
I’m thinking maybe I’ll something like this one for the boys!
valentine adventSo now that I got you all excited to make a garland,
I have bad news.. the Valentine exchange is already closed.
But I promise I’ll keep you updated for the next one.
Happy Monday!


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