My birthday wish list

Holy moly how am I already 32?!
I feel like I don’t even have my life together yet,
and I am quickly approaching my mid-thirties. Yikes!
I need to get on it.
It’s funny how as you get older your priorities change..
Rather than clothes, it’s more about getting things I can use..
Besides being filled with park trips and backyard shenanigans
most of my days are spent crafting something.
I received a couple of Hobby Lobby gift cards for Christmas
and I was thrilled!
Before I could come up with a blog post birthday list,
my mom knew that I wanted a nice pair of scissors.
If you are a sewer than you know sharp scissors are a must.
We headed to the garment district last weekend
which is also now one of my favorite places to go.
I was able to check the scissors off my list. Thanks mom and dad!
Okay moving on..
We have plans to be moving out here in the next few months,
so I am already envisioning what I will do with all of my own space again.
Wherever we move, I know already that Grayson’s playroom
will be combined with my craft room.
Since the boy doesn’t want to let me out of his sight most days.
So the first thing on my list.. organization.. Shelving.
We took a trip to Ikea a couple weeks ago
so I could get an idea of what I wanted..
Here’s what we found, we’ll be getting two of these..
One for mommy’s stuff, the other for the little mister.
(Click on the photo for the source)shelvingWhile I was searching their site for the shelves..
my heart skipped a beat when I found these!!
I want lots of bright white in our house with pops of color..
I love to take pictures (as we all know)
and houses are never bright enough.
So I knew that I will want white, or lace curtains..
I’ve found them.. And HELLO $10 bucks..curtainsIn our craft/playroom my vision is to be able to tell
that it is two “different” rooms in one..
For mommy’s side, I want LOTS of handmade goodies!
Whether it’s mine or other ladies’ wonderful creations.
I would like this to be one of my firsts.
An arrow garland made by Aidies Hideaway.
(In either mint green or light pink)arrow garlandMy dad got me the coolest hand painted print for Grayson.
If you remember Brinley and Brooklynn’s newborn session,
there was a link to this etsy shop.
That is where my dad got our Christmas gift,
it was an elephant with a little boy that resembled Grayson
swinging on his tusk. (I’ll have to share it someday!)
So my plan for that is to go either in his room, or playroom.
But I of course need my own too right..
First up, a print by Leslie Zellers of recipeforcrazy.amazing grace printThese next ones I found after I photographed Olivia’s newborn session.
From the shop Sugar Fresh Designs.
I know that her shop is full of nursery prints,
but I think this applies to all of us who want to dream more. believe in yourselfThen lastly, (and my most favorite) this beautiful print by KATY GIRL DESIGNSevery day adventureOnce we move.. and have a new address..
This stamp is a must obviously, made by my (old) friend Your New Friend Sam.address stampAlso on my craft list is a big rotary cutting mat, an acrylic ruler, ruler grip and a new iron.
Oh and I think this is pretty neat,
if I have a house that has the perfect spot.
That’s the only way I would want it though, if the room just needed this mirror.
camera mirror

That was fun!
I know we will just be renting for a while,
but I still want to feel inspired wherever we are.
I want to do a post of all of my room inspirations.
Hopefully soon.


One thought on “My birthday wish list

  1. So much cute stuff! And I am SO honored to have one of my rubber stamps included!! Thanks Jess!!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your room inspirations too! xoxo

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