32 things I’d like to do in my 32nd year

Contemplating turning 32 can be a little rough. Tomorrow is my birthday and while it isn’t 40 I am turning I feel like it’s right around the corner! The way our life has gone, I almost feel like the best is yet to come. Scott is still working on a career, we want more babies, we want to buy a project house. I am hoping that year 32 is the beginning of a beautiful new chapter for me and my people. Okay with further adieu, here they are 32 things I’d like to do in my 32nd year… oh and in no particular order.

1. Take a road trip. This may be impossible unless our son decides he likes the car.
2. Go ice skating.
3. Take Grayson to the zoo.
4. Go on an overnight date.
5. Do a photography project for myself.
6. At least start sewing Grayson’s memory quilt.
7. Learn to do something new.
8. God willing, get pregnant.
9. Donate my time to a good cause.
10. Serve in a ministry together with Scott.
11. Have lunch with at least one friend once a month.
12. Take Grayson to sea world.

13. Exercise more. Exercise period.
14. Grow my little handmade business into something bigger.
15. Finish reading through the entire bible.
16. Move back into our own home.
17. Do something spontaneous. I’m such a planner, this never happens.
18. Take more “me” time.
19. Put away all technology for an entire weekend.
20. Learn Adobe Illustrator.
21. Spend more quality time with (all of) my family.
22. Get a massage and a pedicure for goodness sakes!
23. When Scott is home, sleep with the tv off.
24. Buy a new camera for my photography business.
25. Start a new blog series that allows me to be creative.
26. Take myself less seriously.
27. Craft workshop.. Lord take that where You will.
28. Try a food that I don’t like.. maybe 32 will bring me a new food pallet!
29. Be better at prayer. Personal and for my friends.
30. Always kiss Scott goodnight.
31. Try, I say try.. cutting out sugar from my diet.
32. I wish my last one would be to jump out of an airplane or something crazy like that, but I know myself…
and that will never, ever happen. So instead number 32 will be all about love.. Love my husband and my son deeper. Show grace to my family more. Love the women I serve with greater. Smile at the strangers. More patience with the people who frustrate me.. Love is where it is.. You learn how to be better at love, everything else will follow.

“And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

(Someone didn’t get the fish lips memo!)fish lips2See less seriously… time to be silly with my boys.
fish lips1I’m so in love.. even though he won’t smile for a picture like ever.disneylandHere’s to a good 32!


3 thoughts on “32 things I’d like to do in my 32nd year

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