Authentic & Mindful

disneyland with jaxonGrayson is still very unsure about pretty much all the rides at Disneyland. I still think this picture is adorable.

Not that I want to “copy” blog post titles, but it’s so perfect there isn’t anything else I think it should be called.. I seriously LOVE Instagram, mostly because it’s (normally) such a positive place and I get a tiny glimpse into even strangers lives. That is how I came across Ashley’s blog, Under the Sycamore. She is a great photographer and seriously the cutest mom, I’ve taken so much inspiration away from her posts on parenting, DIY and even adoption.

She recently wrote a post that included a small interview with Dr. Barbara Sorrels about authentic parenting, I found it refreshing and would like to remember it. If you’re interested, go.. read it for yourself.

*Side note, today is my first day working and if you think about it say a little prayer for me. It might sound so lame that I’m emotional over here since it is temporary but still.. I’m sad to leave my baby for so long each day (I found out last Friday that I will be gone for basically 11 hours a day!) It’s actually kind of annoying because I was told it was 8-5 and I took the job and come to find out that isn’t the hours, that’s a BIG factor in whether or not a person takes a job! But anyway, I will have every other Friday off which will be great, but still.. that means I will really only have two hours a day with Grayson. This makes my heart hurt. You can bet I will literally be counting down the days (or hours actually, 960 hours is the max I can work the the temp agency with the district) until I am done. I know like any kind of change, it just takes time to get adjusted. We will get into a routine and everything will work out fine. I am sure the 960 hours will fly by, and I am thankful for this opportunity.

Have a great Monday!


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