So about my new job..

Besides the fact I would prefer to quit and stay home with my babes, six details that I came across my first week at this new job.

1. It is soooo ridiculously quiet in that office. No one plays music, there is hardly any conversations! Especially none about anything other than work. It’s bizarre.
2. The automatic toilet flushes all.the.time on me, except when I actually want it to.
3. No matter how many times I spell conveinence,  I never do it correctly. Convienence. Convenience. There.
4. My work counter-part laughs at all of my jokes. (I mean duh I’m funny) But that’s a confidence booster for sure.
5. Not that I do! But I couldn’t pick my nose if I wanted to, there is cameras everywhere.
6. They would like to me start leading the safety meetings. In front of employees. By myself. Are they crazy? I will have to channel my college class Public Speaking 101. But let me tell you, these are not the types I want to picture in their underwear, if know what I’m sayin.bugabooEvery minute I am gone I miss this guy. His daddy too.


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