Name dropping

If you are even remotely involved with weddings than you know exactly which blog Green Wedding Shoes is, and you will be impressed to know that the gorgeous wedding of my beautiful friend Kathleen was featured! I think that’s a pretty cool honor, and worth mentioning that I know her.. and attended said wedding. GWS_Kathleen+AllanHer photographer was Caleb John Hill and of course my sometimes (when she lets me drag her in) partner in crime Miss Samantha Allen created the invitations. Go check out the full post on the Green Wedding Shoes blog. For now, I’ll leave you with these beauties that Caleb captured of my stunning bride-friend.calebjohnhill-wedding-02 calebjohnhill-wedding-03 calebjohnhill-wedding-11

2 thoughts on “Name dropping

  1. Yahoo! So exciting!! We’re basically celebrities which are the royalty of America. Better get a good hat and shades to mask ourselves from the paparazzi. :)

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