Our life in Instagram 12′-13′

IMG_0711Have I ever mentioned how much I love Instagram? Because I do, I have from the beginning. I love scrolling through the viewfinder of the people I love’s lives. I wish that every time I logged on there were new pictures by my friends of their day. It is a place where strangers from all across the world can unite, pray and support each other. I literally see life happen and prayers being answered all the while being captured through a camera lens. You don’t often see people complaining, but simply asking for prayer. For the most part it is a positive place to “be” and I can say that I am thankful for it. I follow other mommies, small business owner and photographers and am inspired and encouraged to be better by each of them. (you can find me on Instagram here if you’d like to)

For a while now I have wanted to take all of my Instagram pictures and get them in one book. It didn’t take me long to google “Instagram book” and stumble on Mixbook.com. I realized that this site is the same one I had friend tell me she has her albums made, win win. It took me a couple of times to get the photos how I wanted only because I uploaded all of them at once and it put them in the opposite order that I wanted. Then because I have sooo many, I couldn’t scroll down far enough quick enough.. So I just imported them one page at a time and it was way easier and went much faster. I seriously love how it turned out, I love photo collages. Scott looked through it and commented about how neat it was too. It’s crazy to see how little my buggy was in the beginning of the book.
IMG_0713I just snapped a few photos of some of my favorite pages, I love every single page but these are my favorite favorite!IMG_0714 IMG_0715 IMG_0716I of course had to make a page completely dedicated to him and the random places he falls asleep.IMG_0717IMG_0718So there you have it, our year 2012-2013 in Instagram. I definitely recommend Mixbook.com, not only am I happy with the quality but it came so fast! I choose the “budget” shipping and it was suppose to be here this coming Wednesday but got here early last week! I was pleasantly surprised for sure.

(*all of the opinions are mine and this post is not sponsored in any way)


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