Grayson’s first trip to the Zoo

We’ve been wanting to take Grayson to the Zoo for a while now and when we got a promotional letter in the mail it was the perfect excuse. We called our besties and set a date, figuring with our weather being how it has been a Saturday in March would be perfect. It was beautiful, but HOT! It was also very crowded, Disneyland is almost always crowded as well but at least there they have wide open space for us to talk. At the Zoo, I literally felt like a herd of cattle trying to get through the Polar Bear exhibit! Throw in a stroller two strollers, and forget it! Regardless, it was so fun. I am actually surprised I am not sore from all of the uphill walking we did. We were able to get yearly passes, and those passes also get us into the Wild Animal Park as well so I am excited for that too. (The kiddos waiting patiently in the semi-long line to get our passes)sandiegozoo_8063 sandiegozoo_8059I love this. He basically just stood there and let her play with his ear.sandiegozoo_8061

Since there were so many people I think it was a little hard for Grayson to see the animals, AND most of them were sleeping while we were there! They were probably trying to stay cool like we were. But the big animals like this rhinoceros was easy for him to see.sandiegozoo_8071These were the baby giraffes.sandiegozoo_8068The Koala bears were really hard for him to see, they were all just sleeping the trees and totally blended in and his little eyes never had a chance to see them. They were so cute though, they reminded Trisha and I of sleeping newborns. Here is my very own Koala in a tree.sandiegozoo_8075I don’t think I have ever smelled anything as stank as this camel.sandiegozoo_8076Of course our favorite was the elephant. G would stick his hand up to his mouth (like an elephant trunk) and make this noise.. It was so funny, I tried to get it on video but he stopped as soon as I got my phone out. Naturally. This is a terrible picture of both of us but that’s okay, I know I will want to look at it later on in life.sandiegozoo_8081 sandiegozoo_8086I forget what these guys are called.. Sea Lions right? sandiegozoo_8093I still have no idea what these things are..
sandiegozoo_8097This is going in a frame in my house, I LOVE it. sandiegozoo_8100I’m dying.. they are the cutestsandiegozoo_8106I have a feeling he will have friends wherever we go.sandiegozoo_8113We had a great time, I can’t wait to go back and see everything that we didn’t have time (or energy!) for. I am blessed.sandiegozoo_8110


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