So much meaning in only 10 days of life

So the other day I talked about  how much I love Instagram, today I am going to talk about how much I dislike Facebook. Okay not really but I will say this, I can’t stand it.. I feel so disappointed in so many people who are Christians but you wouldn’t know it from what they post or things they say. I feel like social media is a platform to share the love of Christ, not slander people who don’t believe the same things as you. About a month ago, someone that was my “friend” on there  shared a video that started just by me scrolling. It was awful, I won’t go into detail but it was a video showing child abuse.. I still can’t forget the images I saw that night, I wish that I could. I immediately deleted that person and have hardly gone on since. Unless someone messages me, I want to share a blog post, or someone comments on an Instagram picture that posts I do not do it. If I do get on and start to scroll, I stop because I know that it is not an uplifting place for me to be.

Until I came across this.. Luckily it was the first thing in my feed otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it at all. Our pastor was just talking about trials.. lets face it as Christians we are always talking about trials.. It’s kind of our thing. Okay not the trials themselves, but how we deal with them. How we still shine that bright light in this dark world that knocks us down every chance it can, and takes people from us too quickly. But our pastor said something a little profound to me.. Our trials will be over when we are taken to Heaven and there is no more hurt. Say what?! So I have to suffer until then! Obviously we won’t constantly suffer, but you get the point, as believers we have Heaven to look forward to. What we go through on earth just makes our faith bigger and allows us to be better equipped to share what Jesus has overcome in our lives, what prayers he has answered through the testing of our faith.

Sorry, I forgot I had something else to share before I went hopping off on my rabbit trail… I read an amazing story the other night and I can’t stop thinking about it. They also made a beautiful video. As much as I feel like social media has taken up too much of our time, I am so thankful for the technology and the people putting an effort into videos like this and sharing what the Lord has taught them, or in this case given them for those 10 too short days. Please go read this article or at least watch the video, it’s beautiful.  (just in case the link doesn’t work, copy and paste this url we lost our second baby, which was a little girl. I had a D&C and our doctor had the tissue tested and what we found out was she had Trisomy 16, and what Zion had was Trisomy 18. They sound very similar, with Trisomy 16 they could also live until early infancy like Zion did. I’m not sure the best way to say this so I’ll just say it.. I am thankful I didn’t have to go through this, as hard as it was to lose her at 10 weeks it could have been much harder..

This brings to my mind what I like to strive for in our life, there is Beauty in the Ashes. Whatever life throws at us, whatever circumstances we are in.. there is an opportunity to make something beautiful from it. Beautiful by being that light, standing firm and staying faithful. Allowing God to use that dark situation to shed light on His love, and the fact He never leaves.  I will be praying constantly for the Blick family, this article and that video is perfect example of His light shining in such a dark situation.


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