I’ve started this post a few times but keep finding myself at the delete key.. Not being sure how to start it.  Have you ever walked your life knowing that how you are acting is not how you should? No matter how many mornings you wake up telling yourself today will look different, but it doesn’t. Like you are doing life and while you are doing life you actually know you’re doing it wrong. But you are going through the day and feel sort of like a dork, then.. while you’re doing what you’re doing and feeling bad about doing it the way you are doing it.. God goes and blesses you.. Then you feel even dorkier. But then get you get on your knees and you thank Jesus for His grace, that would be exactly how I feel. I hate wasting time feeling sorry for myself, when instead I could be using my time wisely. For His glory. Something I want Grayson to learn is to Shine Bright, to make his time worth it. But I know that starts with us showing him how.

Okay, after getting that out of the way I have something very exciting to share with you! Friends of ours from our church, Jared and Angela have felt over the past couple of years a call on their life for the Bay Area of Northern California. They’ve had prayer meetings twice a month and also planned a prayer tour through the city of Walnut Creek. This video that I am sharing today is from that tour. I don’t know if it’s because I know them but the entire video gives me goosebumps. I am in awe what God did through that tour in all of their lives and am in awe of what is to come. Without even knowing what that will be,  I know it will be amazing. So I just wanted to share it here, in hopes that you will be encouraged. That you will come alongside our church and pray for this family as they prepare for this new season. You can read his post, When God says “Go” and he explains everything and also links to the church service where he fully explained all the ways God has confirmed this calling and why they will be going to Walnut Creek. So go read that and then come back and watch this video, and you guys seriously! Right around the 5 minute mark when Ray talks is my absolute favorite.

After hearing Ray’s story I am starting to become a fan of hashtags! Although I see hashtags as basically a sentence smushed together, and little does everyone know but I’ve been doing  that longebeforehashtagsbecamepopular. But to know that God is able to use a smushed together sentence (or I guess in this case it’s a way to link certain things together) to help Ray find Jared and this prayer tour, I may just have to start using them.

If you’d like to follow along their journey you can find them on Instagram or follow Jared’s blog,


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