Menifee Children’s Photography :: Levi is ONE

menifeechildrensphotography_8166Yay for birthdays!
And for cute boys!
I can’t believe Levi is already one,
he has the cutest personality,
and was so happy just to be playing.
Although he wasn’t too sure about his cupcake.
That’s okay Levi, there is plenty of time for sugar don’t you worry.

Oh hello!menifeechildrensphotography_8171menifeechildrensphotography_8188I was told this is his favorite face to make, haha!menifeechildrensphotography_8196See I told ya, not real sure about the whole cake thing..menifeechildrensphotography_8236Ah I love that little profile and those big eyes!menifeechildrensphotography_8257menifeechildrensphotography_8258


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