Lake Elsinore newborn photography :: Mia

lakeelsinorechildrensphotography_8382My new rule, don’t talk about a session before I have it.
My assistant Hannah and I were chatting on our way,
I was telling her how I’ve had pretty good luck
with the sleeping newborns. Bad idea.
This little (precious and sweet) Mia,
fought her sleep for quite a while.
Didn’t fuss one time, just wanted to hang out with us.
But fortunately for us, we won and once we did..
She was out like a light.
Have I mentioned how much I love photographing newborns?!
I’ll say it once more, I love it! Meet Mia, just over a week new.
lakeelsinorechildrensphotography_8386 lakeelsinorechildrensphotography_8384 lakeelsinorechildrensphotography_8399 lakeelsinorechildrensphotography_8404 lakeelsinorechildrensphotography_8405Big brother kisses, and baby rolls. I just love itlakeelsinorechildrensphotography_8412 lakeelsinorechildrensphotography_8424My favoritelakeelsinorechildrensphotography_8444I know we were here for Mia but come on, Junior just stole the show!
Seriously, so cute!
And soooo well behaved, and more thing.. his hair! I love it!
lakeelsinorechildrensphotography_8449 lakeelsinorechildrensphotography_8455


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