Well we feel rested…

You guys! I may regretting putting this out into the universe but I am so happy/thankful to say that Grayson’s sleeping has been SO MUCH better lately. Last night I put him down, we said our prayers and he just looked at me with tired eyes and said, “momma, momma” like that was his way of saying goodnight to me. I told him I loved him (for the tenth time) and came out of his room tears filling my eyes and thankfulness in my heart. Sleeping has been my biggest struggle with him, not that the struggle is over because I am sure after writing this we will be up all night for some reason or another but for now.. I rest easy.

So two things that I am going to say helped him, because he’s always been smart enough to “know” what bedtime is.. So I really don’t think its all the fact that he’s now used to it or something. I’ve talked before about Grayson’s teeth not coming through and I seriously think he’s been teething since six months. But there are a couple that just won’t come through, so I finally made it a priority to get one of those Amber bead necklaces. (I don’t have a site name because my girlfriend ordered mine when she ordered one for her daughter, but just go to Etsy and search Amber necklaces. You’ll have a ton of options) Honestly I noticed a difference in his sleeping within a week.

Next, a new friend who follows me on Instagram and also happens to my exchange pen-pal sent me a cream. It is made from a whole bunch of essential oils and she called it Night-Night cream. I was told to rub it on his feet and stick on socks, that’s it. Her kids sleep so much soundly when she uses it on them.. Tried it.. Ummmm, Grayson has been sleeping consistently to at least 6:00 (yes this is an improvement people) and slept until 7:00 one morning! I don’t know, but I may have become a believer in those oils. I have a friend who sells it and was talking with her about another mixture to help with Gray’s excema. Sooo, if it clears that up I’m going to be switching on over to that.. From other people I know, they’ve replaced their entire medicine cabinet with these oils. I am not going to be getting all crazy but a little homeopathy never hurt anyone. Just thought I would write a little update because if you’ve been following along for any amount of time you probably have heard me talk about his sleeping habits.sleeping (Sorry for the grainy iPhone picture) Him this morning, 6:30 and still sleeping soundly. Now for me, time to get in the shower and get ready to start my new job! xoxo j.


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