Disneyland :: April

IMG_7938Our Disneyland passes are expiring soon and we haven’t been there since before I started at the water district. Now that I am working part time and my new job (yay!) we have a little more time, and Sam planned this trip for all of us and I’m so glad we did. (although I wish we would have gotten a big group picture and we didn’t) It was the perfect mix of adults to babies ratio. Unless I am bribing Grayson with chocolate the above picture is what I get. It’s still cute though.. So is this sweet little profile one I snuck in.IMG_7940Oh and baby girl! She is the cutest. Always smiling.IMG_7947The Seneffs.IMG_7954This one is a little better, not the best.. But I love it.IMG_7957These two are buddies, we asked them to hug but they would randomly just hug out of nowhere. It was adorable.IMG_7965 IMG_7973Just missing momma and baby brother in this picture.IMG_7976Friends.IMG_7977Now this… this was definitely because of bribing that even made Hudson and Grayson sit on the bench in the first place.. I seriously love all of three of these and one of them will definitely be framed in our house somewhere. Our very own Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang.IMG_7983 IMG_7986 IMG_7994My loves. Such a fun Disneyland trip, we have one more planned before our passes go and might possibly try fitting one other time. We won’t be renewing but we definitely made good use of our passes this year. Great memories.IMG_7999


2 thoughts on “Disneyland :: April

  1. Love… love… love…. feeling so happy and blessed after such an amazing week of friend time! P.S. You have to send me that one of me and Trishie. :) Please.

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